Emotionally Responsive Practice


Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) at Bank Street is a research-based professional development program built on the understanding that the emotional well-being of children greatly impacts their learning potential in the classroom. The Office of Early Childhood Education has partnered with Bank Street's ERP office to provide PK-3 teacher training in strengthening classroom routines, curriculum, and building strong adult-child interactions to support the emotional well-being of all students.

Below are a series of videos featuring Lesley Koplow, Director of ERP at Bank Street and author of numerous books and articles, speaking on how children's experiences from birth through five can affect their everyday interactions and learning in school. For more information resources on ERP, please visit Bank Street College.

To learn more about the Office of Early Childhood Education's ERP professional development opportunities, please email: kmedora@schools.nyc.gov.

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