• The New York City Department of Education and the New York City Administration for Children's Services have collaboratively developed Instructional Expectations for Universal Prekindergarten programs at Community-Based Early Childhood Centers.
  • Information, curriculum, and supports for the Comon Core and pre-k.
  • Learn how to engage and partner with pre-k families.
  • Learn about opportunities for Early Childhood professional devevlopment.
  • Get information about ESR-I Screening, authentic assessments, and other assessment systems.
  • Know the policies and find resources to support implementaion.
  • Access great resources from organizations and foundations.
  • NYCDOE has made arrangements with contracted vendors to extend contracted pricing for various materials including early childhood furniture, classroom supplies, instructional materials and physical education and recreation items to Community Based Early Childhood Centers (CBECCs).  These contracts will allow you to purchase items at the same discounts we get for NYC public schools.

    To assist you with placing orders, we suggest that you utilize the Department’s SHOPDOE web site at  This Power Point guides you on how to search for available items and create a shopping cart that you can then email to one of the vendors.
  • The Divison of Early Childhood is always happy to help. Contact us anytime.