Screening and Assessment

ESI-R Screening

Please contact Medo Soliman for access to the secure website, which includes a timeline and  directions on how to input ESI-R data.

Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessment systems are a formative collection of qualitative student data (i.e. student work, teacher notes) that measure student performance and progress across multiple academic disciplines along a continuum. They help teachers monitor students' developmental progress over time while informing curriculum and instruction.

Authentic assessments are based on teacher observation notes and student work samples gathered in the context of everyday classroom activities and experiences. This information is collected over time and across multiple domains of development, providing a comprehensive view of the child's learning and progress. Published authentic assessment tools provide teachers with frameworks to:

  • Strategically collect observational data and student work samples
  • Analyze that information along a developmental continuum

The NYCDOE requires all Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) programs to use a developmentally-appropriate, valid, and reliable authentic assessment system to monitor student progress and individualized instruction. Three authentic assessment options have been approved by the NYCDOE; you should review the three options listed below, decide which system your program will use, and complete this online form to indicate your selection.

These options are all available on paper and online. If you would prefer to use an authentic assessment system that is not listed here or have other questions, please email Medo Soliman