Developmental Screening and Authentic Assessment

Developmental Screening

Pre-K for All programs are required to use a valid and reliable developmental screening tool to identify potential developmental delays and English Language Acquisition (ELA) support needs. Screening tools assist educators in learning about the various aspects of a child’s development, such as language, cognition, perception, and motor development. 
Teachers administering developmental screenings should take into consideration the needs and backgrounds of the children they are screening and ensure they are being culturally, linguistically, and developmentally responsive. 

The following developmental screening tools are approved for use: 

The Division of Early Childhood Education provides materials and training for the ESI-R only.

Please contact for access to the secure site, which includes NYC DOE developmental screening policy, important dates, and screening guidance.

Authentic Assessment System

Authentic assessments are a collection of child portfolio items (child observations and work samples), which measure child performance and progress across multiple academic disciplines along a continuum. Gathered in the context of everyday classroom activities and experiences, they help teachers monitor a child’s developmental progress while informing curriculum and instruction.  

Authentic assessment systems provide teachers with frameworks to: 

  • Strategically collect observational data and work samples
  • Analyze that information along a developmental continuum

The NYCDOE requires all Pre-K for All programs to use a developmentally appropriate, valid, and reliable authentic assessment system to monitor child progress and individualized instruction. 

Three authentic assessment systems are approved by the NYCDOE: 

All approved authentic assessment systems align to the PKFCC and can be used with any developmentally appropriate pre-K curriculum.

Please email for access to the secure site, which includes NYC DOE authentic assessment policy, important dates, and guidance.

Student Record Transfer Process

In an effort to support smooth transitions from Pre-K for All program settings into elementary school, the NYCDOE requires that pre-K teachers print the authentic assessment developmental summary reports and include them in each student's cumulative folder as part of the student record transfer process into Kindergarten. This assessment is outlined in the Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Regulations, Section 151-1 and helps provide Kindergarten teachers with a more complete understanding of incoming students’ strengths and the supports that they may need.  

For instructions on how to generate and print your program's selected authentic assessment developmental summary reports, click here.

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