Parents and Families

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School Leadership Opportunities

Visit the Parent Leadership page and get involved. You can become a member of the:

  • Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)/Parent Association (PA)
  • School Leadership Team (SLT)
  • School Assessment Team (SAT)

You can also attend in Community Education Council (CEC) meetings in your district.

Special Education

Access information  about Special Education services for children from pre-k to school-age. Get information on Early Intervention for children with special needs from birth to age three.

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented (G&T)  testing is available for all pre-kindergarten through second grade students who are current New York City residents. The New York City Department of Education provides G&T programs for students who score at the 90th percentile or above on a combination of two tests designed to measure intellectual capability and school readiness. For more information, or to get a Request for Test form, please visit the G&T Office.

English Language Learners

English Language Learners (ELLs) are students who speak a language other than English at home and score below proficient on English assessments when they enter our school system. The Office of English Language Learners provides ELLs, former ELLs, immigrants, and their families with equity and access to an excellent education.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are publicly funded and open to all students in New York City through a non-discriminatory admissions lottery. Each charter school is governed by a not-for-profit board of trustees which may include educators, community members, and leaders from the private sector. Charters have freedom to establish their own policies, design their own educational program, and manage their human and financial resources. The Charter School Acountability and Support office has information on individual schools, applications and resouirces for families.

External Resources

New York State’s Early Childhood Direction Centers in NYC is a resource for families with special needs children.  Resources for Children with Special Needs helps parents of children with special needs by offering workshops, videos, a help line and other supports. 

EngageNY is the New York State website for families. You can find information on Common Core, teacher effectiveness and access their family resources for additional information and tips to help your child.