English Language Arts

As described in Raising the Bar, the New York City Department of Education is dedicated to ensuring that all students are college- and career-ready. Teaching English Language Arts is vital to this goal, making students effective readers and writers under statewide educational standards. The Common Core Library  and EngageNY give more information on New York schools’ transition to Common Core Learning Standards, which require students to ground reading, writing, and discussion in evidence from text. The Common Core encourages teachers to use a balance of complex fiction and non-fiction texts in the classroom. The Library holds guides, examples, and videos of how literacy is taught in New York City schools, as well as resources for families. Additionally, students meet high school graduation requirements by earning at least 8 English credits. Although high school students who score at least a 65 on the ELA Regents exam fulfill the English requirement toward the Regents diploma, they must score a 75 or above to meet college readiness standards and pass out of remedial college courses.