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Every school year, CHAMPS gives approximately 20,000 middle school students the opportunity to access safe and fun physical activities outside of school hours. Your support helps maintain and expand the CHAMPS initiative so that more New York City children stay active and healthy.


There are many good reasons to support our work:

  • Fight obesity and related illnesses. 40% of K-8 children in public schools are over-weight and at risk of developing illnesses that will prevent them from living a full healthy life. Adding more minutes of physical activity into children’s schedules may help them reach or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Boost academic performance. To the extent that physical exercise may have a positive effect on children’s ability to do better in school, as recent studies suggest, CHAMPS gives students the opportunity to access supervised, systematic physical exercise that may contribute to their success in school.
  • Improve attendance and reduce truancy. CHAMPS may also contribute to reduced absenteeism. Healthy students skip school less and fun activities provide additional motivation to attend school.
  • Help students cope with the stress of puberty. Middle school years are marked by dramatic mental and biological changes that cause students stress and anxiety.  Exercise may help students release stress while they cross the tough bridge of puberty.
  • Offer safe and healthy activity options beyond the classroom. Research indicates that the highest amount of juvenile crime occurs between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., the hour after most children are dismissed from school. CHAMPS gives families a safe place for their children to be during out-of-school hours.

Ways to Give

From supporting a program at a school to helping purchase equipment or sponsor an event, there are several ways you can help keep CHAMPS moving forward:

  • Sponsor a league
  • Sponsor a school
  • Sponsor a special event
  • Equipment funding
  • Sponsor teacher-coach trainings

Donations may be made to The Fund for Public Schools to benefit the CHAMPS program.  To donate, please mail a check made out to “The Fund for Public Schools” to:

The Fund for Public Schools
52 Chambers Street, Room 305
New York, NY 10007

Please be sure to note “CHAMPS” in the memo line so The Fund may direct your donation appropriately.

Current Sponsors

Answer Vending and CC Vending
New York Road Runners
New York City Council
New York Jets
Home Runs for Harlem
New York Sports Club
Zog Sports