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I.S. 68 Isaac Bildersee Girls' and Satellite Three Boys' are the 2013 CHAMPS MSBL Champions



I.S. 68 Isaac Bildersee Girls and Satellite Three Boys are the 2013 CHAMPS MSBL Champions!

The 2013 Middle School Baskeball League (MSBL) championship game for the girls' and boys' teams were held on June 7, 2013, at St. Francis College in Brooklyn.    

The girls' league finals were played by I.S. 68 Isaac Bildersee (18K068), coached by Noel Butler and Middle School 322 (06M322) coached by Kelly Murphy.  Both teams showed great heart and determination, but in the end it was I.S. 68 that were victorious.

The boys' final league game included Satellite Three (13K103) coached by Erik Nicholson and I.S. 286 Renaissance Leadership Academy (05M286) coached by Da Vonne Buckson.  This was a hard fought game decided in the final minutes and in the end, Satellite Three took the win.

Congratulations to the girls' team at I.S. 68 and Principal Merve Williams and Coach Noel Butler and also to the boys' team at Satelitte Three, Principal Beatrice Thompson and Coach Erik Nicholson!

 This year's CHAMPS MSBL included 95 schools with 25 girls' teams and 80 boys' teams.  Over 1,500 student athletees played on any given Saturday at 11 different sites throughout the city.  We were privileged to witness great competition, outstanding sportmanship and loads of fun! In addition, there were tremendous amount of spectator support from parents, friends, and school personnel.