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CHAMPS Volleyball Workshop for the WINTER 2013 Season



CHAMPS Winter 2013 Success in Your Volleyball Program Workshop

If you are either a seasoned or a new coach, this workshop will enhance your volleyball knowledge and skills.  CHAMPS volleyball teacher-coaches attending the January 12th or the January 19th workshop will be taught how to plan meaningful practices with instructional strategies that are age-appropriate for the skill level of the student-athlete.  The workshop will include:

  • Volleyball fundamentals
  • Coaching principles
  • Basic skills of the game
  • Drill demonstrations on court
  • Lead-up games

Teacher-coaches will be given instructional materials and participate in group discussion on how to effectively plan and run a successful CHAMPS Volleyball program.  To enroll in the January 12th workshop click, here.  To enroll in the January 19th workshop, click here.  In addition, browse our E-Catalog on ProTraxx to discover other professional development opportunities offered by the Office of School Wellness Programs.