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Physical Education

CHAMPS Middle School Sports and Fitness Program
CDC Concussion in Youth Sports Information & Resources
Concussion Management Guidelines
NASPE National Association of Sport and Physical Education
NASPE Teacher Evaluation Tool
NASPE Teacher Toolbox
NASPE Integrating Physical Activity Into The Complete School Day 
Physical Best Certification Renewal: E-mail SHAPE America to request to take the exam. The proper course, instructions, and cost will be sent to you directly from SHAPE.
Physical Education Requirements (Elementary, Middle, and High School)
SHAPE Scope and Sequence of Fitness Education for PreK-16 Programs

Health Education

Condom Availability Program Website
Elementary Hand Washing and Respiratory Etiquette Lessons Matrix
Free Access to the Elementary HealthTeacher Curriculum-Registration Directions
Health Education Pacing Guides (Middle and High School)
Health Education Requirements (Elementary, Middle, and High School)
Sexual Health Education Requirements for Middle and High School
Vulnerable and Capable: Adapting HIV/AIDS Lessons for Students with Disabilities (Video)

Adaptive Physical Education

Adaptive Physical Education FAQ's for Elementary and Middle School Principal 

Professional Development

Physical Best Certification Renewal: E-mail with a request to take the exam. The proper course and instructions will be sent subsequently, including the cost associated with taking the exam.
View and Register for Office of School Wellness Programs Professional Development

Before/After-school Programs

CHAMPS Middle School Sports and Fitness Program

School-Based Health Surveys

School-Based Health Surveys

Office of School Health

Office of School Health 

Chancellor's Regulations
(related to Health, Food, Healthy Fundraising and Field Trips)

A-610: Fundraising Activities and Collection of Money from Students
A-650: Flea Markets in Schools
A-660: Parent Associations and the Schools
A-670: School Trips
A-701: School Health Services
A-740: Pregnant And Parenting Students
A-812: Competitive Foods

Other NYC Department of Education Resources

Respect for All

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) Resources

NYC DOHMH Teens in NYC (Guide to clinics)
NYS & NYC Department of Health Requirements for School Swimming Pools
Nurse-Family Partnership