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2015-16 Timeline

The NYC FITNESSGRAM web application will be open from September 9, 2015 through April 8, 2016 for Physical Education teachers to enter student fitness assessment data. Student reports will be delivered to schools for distribution in the last two weeks of May.

Schools are expected to complete assessment for a minimum of 85% of eligible students.

Healthy Fitness Zone Standards

NYC FITNESSGRAM uses criterion-referenced standards, established by the Cooper Institute's Scientific Advisory Board , to evaluate fitness performance. These standards, which take into account the child's age and sex, represent a level of fitness that offers some degree of protection against diseases that may result from sedentary living.

The NYC FITNESSGRAM assessment is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the Physical Best curriculum. This DOE recommended curriculum supports health-related fitness instruction aligned with state and national learning standards.

The report also shows a student’s Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI uses height and weight measurements to find the BMI-for-age percentile for a student’s age and sex based on the CDC’s growth charts (click here for more details).

Teachers, students, parents, and health care providers can use these standards to help students set personal goals to improve their health-related fitness. These reports offer teachers and schools an opportunity to include all members of the school community in conversations, presentations, health fairs, or workshops focused on health and fitness. School Wellness Councils also have the opportunity to reinforce and expand their work using NYC FITNESSGRAM results.

How to Become a Registered NYC FITNESSGRAM Teacher User

If you are not currently a registered user or are having trouble logging into the system, please submit a Help Desk Ticket for assistance. Teachers must attend a free training offered by the Office of School Wellness Programs in order to become an NYC FITNESSGRAM user and gain access to the NYC FITNESSGRAM system. The Office of School Wellness Programs provides required free training and technical assistance to support teachers and administrators in using the web application and the reports it can generate.

Once you are a registered user, use the manual below for instructions to log in.

NYC FITNESSGRAM Application User Manual
View the manual here

Recommended Scale for Height and Weight

The recommended scale for height and weight is the Health-O-Meter 500KL. Click here to learn more. 

Watch the Assessment Demonstration Video

The Fitness Assessment Video shows the NYC FITNESSGRAM assessments and protocols that conform to physical education standards.

2014-15 Suggested NYC FITNESSGRAM Pacing Calendars with Physical Best Edition.

Physical Best is the DOE recommended K—12 PE curriculum.

2nd Edition                        3rd Edition

Grades K-3                                  Grades K-3 
Grades 4-5                                   Grades 4-5  
Grades 6-8                                   Grades 6-8  
Grades 9-12                                 Grades 9-12
Grades 9-12 (Spring)                Grades 9-12 (Spring)

Information for District level staff

Click here for a brief explanation of NYC FITNESSGRAM and how to view district-level reports. If you have been designated as the point person for your office and are having trouble logging in, please submit a Help Desk Ticket for assistance.