Physical Best Health-Related Fitness Education Curriculum

Physical Best: Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness is a comprehensive, health-related fitness education program of curriculum resources and training certifications created by the Society of Health and Physical Educators of America (SHAPE America), and the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Physical Best differs from what is commonly referred to as “traditional” physical education, where students learn sport skills but not the context or rationale for participating in physical activity.

The Physical Best curriculum enables students to learn why activity is important, and how it benefits them today and for a lifetime. Emphasizing participation in a wide variety of enjoyable physical activities (traditional sports, non-traditional sports, and fitness activities), Physical Best promotes individual choice and making connections to real opportunities to remain active for lifelong health and wellness.

Additional information about the Physical Best curriculum can be found on the SHAPE Web site at: Physical Best Overview or find an upcoming training and sign up here. PE requirements for elementary, middle, and high schools in New York City are here.