Principals' Corner

Principals' Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there laws mandating a school library?
  2. Are there funding requirements for school libraries?
  3. What are the job responsibilities of a School Librarian?
  4. What types of questions do I use when interviewing for a librarian’s position?
  5. How many librarians should a library staff?
  6. What are the essential elements of an effective library program?
  7. Is there a library curriculum in NYC?
  8. How does the Information Fluency Continuum link to the Common Core Learning Standards?
  9. What does a high-quality library look like?
  10. How do I get rid of old books?
  11. How should my librarian be selecting books to purchase for the library?
  12. What is the Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy for School Libraries?
  13. What is the Social Media Guidelines for NYC Schools?
  14. How do I contact someone from the Office of Library Services?