Program Planning

Librarians’ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the essential elements of an effective library program?How do I submit an order for library materials?
  2. How do I collaborate with teachers in my school?
  3. How do I develop a Parent Collection in the library
  4. How do I process/catalog material for the library?
  5. How do I get rid of old books?
  6. What does a high quality library look like?
  7. How do I schedule classes in the library?
  8. I work on a campus with only one library for six schools? How do I provide services to multiple schools?
  9. How do I integrate technology into the library?
  10. How do I teach students to use the Internet ethically and safely?
  11. How do I automate the library?
  12. How many librarians should a library staff?
  13. What are the funding requirements for school libraries?
  14. How do I find my school library’s budget allocation?
  15. What type of statistics should I maintain in my library?
  16. What opportunities for Professional Development are offered by the Office of Library Services?
  17. How can I organize a Library Advisory Team?
  18. How do I contact someone from the Office of Library Services?
  19. Is there a national listserv for school librarians?
  20. How do I update my contact information with the Office of Library Services?
  21. Is there a library curriculum in NYC?