Family Resources

Empire State Information Fluency Continuum
All students need to develop information literacy skills so that they can find, evaluate, and make sense of the information they find in books and on the Internet.  These skills are developed over time through instruction in the library.

Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (IAUSP)
NYCDOE's policies and expectations for use of email and Internet access.

Parents' Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by parents.

Parent Outreach Toolkit
AASL has launched a new resource on its website, the Parent Outreach Toolkit, created to help school library media specialists educate and garner support from parents. The toolkit asks the question, "How can parents help their child succeed in this changing global economy?" The answer: by equipping every school with a full-time certified school library media specialist, the AASL Parent Outreach Toolkit helps parents understand what they can do to help ensure their child’s school is staffed by a full-time certified school librarian.  The school librarian is uniquely trained in helping students, teachers, and other school and community leaders develop the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that are crucial to their success.
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