NYC Reads 365

NYC Reads 365

There is a wealth of research supporting daily reading. The more we read, the more knowledge we have, the more words we gain exposure to, the more our brain exercises, and the more we experience the joy of getting lost in a story. Reading purely for oneself, to encounter new worlds, to learn new information, to be inspired -- this is the path to success in school as in life.

Reading is an essential life skill. It is an everyday, anywhere activity. Without the ability to read well, children are limited in what they can accomplish. A person who reads well has the ability to own his or her learning process.

Most importantly, reading is essential because words build our foundation for ideas, expression, creativity, opinions, and beliefs.

There’s a reading genre for everyone and for every age, whether you are four or ninety-four. Whether you prefer classical literature, poetry, fashion magazines, biographies, self-help books, science fiction, or romance novels, there’s a book somewhere for you.

The old saying “practice makes perfect” is absolutely true for reading. We know that children who have repeatedly been exposed to books from birth develop strong reading skills and a love of reading.

NYC Reads 365 challenges New Yorkers to read every single day. Read for pleasure, read to find out, read to argue, read to persuade, read to laugh, read to cry, read to understand, read to forget. Help us create a new generation of readers. For more information, read the press release for NYC Reads 365.

Read every day New York City – 365! 

Borough Posters

Which borough do you live in - and read in? Print out a poster of your borough, or print all of them for a city-wide view of NYC Reads 365!

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Sixth Grade

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Seventh & Eighth Grades

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Ninth & Tenth Grades

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Eleventh & Twelfth Grades

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Resources for Parents

See the NYC Reads 365 titles that are available in other languages.

Get activities to promote reading home for Grades Pre-K through 12.
Activities to Promote Reading at Home: Pre-K -2
Activities to Promote Reading at Home: 3-5
Activities to Promote Reading at Home: 6-8
Activities to Promote Reading at Home: 9-12

Useful links to support at-home reading:

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Parent Resources at the Child Research & Study Center  
Start with a Book  
Reading Partners/Resources for Parents

Resources for Educators

For additional resources for teachers and other educators, please visit   


The 11 reading lists consisting of 220 titles were compiled by a committee of school library media specialists and then later reviewed by NYC DOE literacy experts from the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning. They spent countless hours reading, writing summaries, and creating tools in how to use the lists.

Special thanks to the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning, including the Office of Library Services and the Department of Literacy & Academic Intervention Services. 

Special thanks to Vanguard Direct for creative design and  Robert Pizzo for illustrating the borough posters.