Weekend & School Break Programs


Spend your Saturdays and school breaks at the ESC. Students of all ages can participate in a variety of classes that feature hands-on, interactive learning. Our small group structure allows students an opportunity to dive deep into their learning and get individualized attention. Students particularly enjoy the daily animal encounters!

Grades 3, 4 and 5 Students

Planet Keepers and Climate Change

Student scientists will learn the principles of environmental science. What is a carbon footprint? What is built-in obsolescence? How can we conserve our resources? How do our purchases affect the environment?

Middle School Students

Focus on Wildlife: Creating Public Service Announcements to Raise Awareness for Endangered Animals

Students will explore the complicated issues that surround endangered species and learn to create and produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to protect an endangered animal. This program includes a trip to the Prospect Park Zoo.

Documentary Filmmaking: Science Careers

Students will learn about science careers in Molecular Biology (conservation genetics and wildlife forensics), Botany (hydroponics, agriculture and farming) and Zoology (animal care). Students will then create a storyboard, develop a script and produce a documentary film related to a science career that interests them. This program includes a trip to the Prospect Park Zoo.