Weekend & School Break Programs


Spend your Saturdays and school breaks at the ESC. Students of all ages can participate in a variety of classes that feature hands-on, interactive learning. Our small group structure allows students an opportunity to dive deep into their learning and get individualized attention. Students particularly enjoy the daily animal encounters!

Grades 3, 4 and 5 Students

Planet Keepers and Climate Change

Student scientists will learn the principles of environmental science. What is a carbon footprint? What is built-in obsolescence? How can we conserve our resources? How do our purchases affect the environment?

Weapons of the Wild

Poison, armor, camouflage, oh my! Come discover how organisms defend themselves within their environment through hands-on learning and animal encounters at ESC. This program includes a trip to Prospect Park Zoo where student scientists will work with an animal behavior specialist. 

Seed to Table

Campers will work with Queens Botanical Garden scientists and ESC staff to plant and care for a garden, harvest the crops and prepare healthy and delicious foods with their bounty as they explore design elements that are critical to a garden’s success. This Saturday camp will engage students in selecting appropriate species for the garden as well as planting, maintaining and planning for its future.

Middle School Students

Food without a Footprint: Cooking with a Conscience

Student scientists will explore the sustainability and carbon footprint of the food we eat and then practice their kitchen skills while cooking their way through various food groups. 

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!

Student scientists will be introduced to the concept of upcycling. Instead of discarding everyday material, unique and thoughtful items will be created. Throughout the duration of this program, student upcyclers will create a variety of items to take home. This is an exciting camp for the artistic environmentalist in all of us.