Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is NYCCSSE a museum? A school? A private institution?
      The answer is no to all three! NYCCSSE is part of the NYC Department of Education and is an experiential, hands-on space and aviation center for students in grades K-12. We are different from a museum in that our programs are simulations in which students participate fully to experience life as an astronaut or the physics of airplane flight. The simulations are designed for groups of students working together.
  • How much does it cost to visit NYCCSSE? How do I pay for a visit?
      For NYCDOE schools, the cost per class is $100.00 for half-day morning or full-day sessions and $50 for half-day afternoon sessions. For private and parochial schools, the cost is $450.00. We can accept payment via FAMIS or school check. We do not take cash or credit cards.
  • How many students can I bring at one time?
      The ideal number for our program is 32 students, but we can accommodate up to 36 students depending on grade level.
  • How many classes can I bring?
      We can accommodate up to two classes at a time at NYCCSSE. Each class will experience separate programs. Schools traveling by yellow bus can schedule half-day (2 hour) programs. If you are bringing two classes and would like them to experience both programs you will need to travel by subway and plan for a full day experience.
  • What time should we arrive? What time will we be finished?

      There are two sessions available for school visits.

      • Session I: 9:30am – 12:30pm; and
      • Session II: 12:30pm – 3:00pm.

      If you are traveling by yellow bus you will need to book Session I due to Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) field trip travel times. If you are traveling by subway or walking you can book either session. NYCCSSE is open weekdays from 8:30 to 4:30. For additional information about field trips, visit the OPT website.

  • How many chaperones can I bring at one time?
      The minimum DOE chaperone ratio is 10:1, but more are welcome. Please make sure to discuss appropriate expectations with all adults attending the trip. Although students may need help getting started or with challenging vocabulary, they will get the most out of the experience with minimal guidance from accompanying adults.
  • Is there a gift shop?
      We don’t have a gift shop, but as any student will tell you, spending the day as an astronaut is gift enough!
  • Where will students eat lunch? Is buying lunch an option?

      We can provide a room for students to eat, but they must each bring a bagged lunch. We are not permitted to allow students (nor is there time) to leave to purchase food.

  • Can I take pictures?
      Absolutely! Capture as much of the action as you can.
  • Some of my students struggle with reading and writing. Will NYCCSSE’s programs be too challenging for them?
      Absolutely not. As a hands-on, experiential learning center, we are accessible to all types of learners. Most of the experiences are immersive and the reading and writing tasks are purposeful and in context.