What People Are Saying

enthusiastic students

What students are saying:

The space center is like stepping into another world.
-12th Grade Student

I felt like I was really in space and working for NASA.
-9th Grade Student

I was a communications officer and we launched a probe to Halley's Comet.
I would love to become a communications officer when I grow up. It was very interesting.

-6th Grade Student 

I liked it when there was an emergency, because we solved the problem and I was proud of myself.
-4th Grade Student

What teachers are saying:

The kids and the staff had a wonderful time. [NYCCSSE staff] really made it simple enough for us to understand and appreciate. The experience will be long-lasting as some of the kids are now interested in becoming air pilots (smile).
- 5th Grade Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for making our trip to NYCCSSE so meaningful and exciting. The special education teacher and I were working on the force and motion unit together. Likewise we were collaborating with the social studies teacher on his World War II unit. Our combined efforts lead us to focus on the paratroopers of D-Day. Your program at NYCCSSE took all these elements and made the forces of flight something that the students could relate to and feel successful about. While at the center I took some blank worksheets with me, copies of the handouts that the students were working on, and incorporated it into my teacher performance review. Our principal loved how so many disciplines were tied together giving the students an in depth study that they will never forget. The teacher performance review was also included in our school’s quality review, and was partly responsible for being granted a "highly qualified" category. I can't thank you enough for providing my classes with a scholarship, enabling the special education class to work independently.
-8th Grade Teacher

What parents are saying:

I just wanted to send a very big thank you for this week's camp. My daughter had an amazing time--she came home every day tripping on her stories of what she had done and how much fun she was having. She's always been a kid who loves science--and thank you so much for keeping that world fresh and exciting for her. 
- Parent of a Summer Camper 

My daughter attended the Space Camp in 2011. She absolutely loved it!! It actually opened an entire world for her. Since then she has shown a great interest in Space and Lego Mindstorms Robot, she's actually competed in the First Lego League (FLL) competition in 2012 and 2013.  I thank your program for opening that world to her. 
- Parent of a Summer Camper 

Space Camp was a great learning experience and so much fun. I wish all school days could be as inspiring and motivating. My son came home each day brimming with excitement and ready to share his day's adventures with us. I was amazed at the amount of information that was packed into this short week. The staff was professional and nurturing. They helped to foster a sense of excitement and wonder, suspending their own disbelief, as they role-played being "real" astronauts with the campers. I loved the sense of play that was involved in this learning experience. On a final note, the staff was wonderfully sensitive and accommodating with my child's medical needs. This has been one of the best experiences my son has ever had. He will carry this knowledge and newfound sense of confidence with him as he moves forward in his education and life. Thank you to the NASA Team at NYCCSSE!
- Parent of a Summer Camper

What the press is saying:

There is no boredom here. From the moment students enter ...Bubbling with excitement, to the cheers as they accomplish their mission...the scene is one of total concentration.
- The New York Times