After School Programs

boy with legos

NYCCSSE offers after school programs in aviation, engineering, and robotics. All programs take place at NYCCSSE and are run in partnership with a school. If you are interested in coordinating a program, contact Katherine Brown at or 212.608.6164 x112. 

Introduction to LEGO ROBOTICS

Upper elementary and middle school students build and program robots using LEGO Mindstorm EV3. Through fun activities and challenge driven scenarios, students use the basics of engineering to create more and more complex robots with multiple sensors and learn to program these robots to achieve the challenge’s task. This program runs 10 weeks and has a capacity of 14 students.

Engineering After School

Engineering After School is open to upper elementary and middle school students. Through hands-on, inquiry based activities from NASA’S BEST and other engineering curricula, students will imagine, design and build a variety of general and space themed projects. In pairs and small groups, students will build, trouble shoot and improve upon their creations while learning and understanding the design process. This program runs for 8 weeks and has a capacity of 12 students.

Rockets After School

Middle and high school students explore the principles of rocketry and space flight through hands-on and computer based projects. Students work to build small air-powered rockets, leading up to a larger, compressed-air rocket project. Using an innovative game-based simulation of rocket design, engineering, and space flight mechanics (Kerbal Space Program), students will put into practice their rocket building skills with simulated computer rockets, and launch them into virtual orbit. This program runs 10 weeks and has a capacity of 16 students. 

Aviation After School – Middle School

Middle school students explore the principles of flight and aviation through hands-on and computer based projects. Students train as pilots on flight simulators, use a wind tunnel to better understand the forces that make airplanes fly, build and fly model airplanes, and direct air traffic with NASA’s Air Traffic Control Simulator. This program runs 10 weeks and has a capacity of 12 students.

Aviation After School – High School

Utilizing the facilities at the NYCCSSE’s experiential Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL) and working with a licensed pilot, high school students will be introduced to and learn about the world of aviation through experimentation, remote control, and flight simulation. Students will also be introduced to careers in the field of aviation via a guided tour of a local aviation college. This program runs 10 weeks including the trip to the college, which takes place during the school day and has a capacity of 12 students.

CyberPatriots – High School 

CyberPatriots is the premiere national high school cyber defense competition created by the Air Force Association to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other STEM disciplines. Students learn about the inner workings of a computer and develop skills to defend computers from cyber attacks. They then compete against other high school students around the country to apply these skills by protecting mock computers in a series of simulated cyber attacks. The team meets once a week starting in September.