Elementary School Programs

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NYCCSSE offers space programs for elementary school students in 2nd though 5th grade and aviation programs for 5th grade students. Each program is two hours long. Classes can come for one program (a half day) or combine two programs (a full day).

Astronaut Adventures (2nd and 3rd grade)

What is it like to live and work on the International Space Station? Students learn about the life of an astronaut through hands-on activities and interactive experiences in our spacecraft, Space Shuttle simulator, and Mission Control room.

Space Mission: Comet (5th grade)

In this simulated space mission, students learn to work as astronauts onboard our spacecraft and Flight Controllers in Mission Control as they conduct scientific experiments, maintain safe living conditions and search the starfields in the solar system to locate and study a comet.
*Please note that we do not currently offer Space Mission: Comet for 4th grade classes.

Toys in Space (4th and 5th grade)

Is it possible to jump rope in space? Have your students discover how objects behave in zero-G. After experiencing how toys work on Earth, students predict how they will behave in space and then observe astronauts using the same toys. We recommend combining this program with a Challenger mission to make a full day space experience. 

Aeronautics: Variables (5th grade)

Can your students make an FPG-9 pitch up and yaw left? In our NASA Aerospace Education Lab they’ll learn the language of pilots and the basics of airplane flight using model airplanes, NASA designed software and flight simulators.