High School Programs

NYCCSSE offers space and aviation experiences for high school students studying Earth Science and Physics. Each experience is two hours long. Classes can come for one program (a half day) or combine two programs (a full day).

Earth Science

Space Mission: Comet

In this simulated space mission, students learn to work as astronauts onboard our spacecraft and Flight Controllers in Mission Control as they conduct scientific experiments, maintain safe living conditions and search the starfields in the solar system to locate and study a comet.

Space Mission: Mars

After nine months in space, student astronauts are on final approach to Mars, where they will take the role of student Flight Controllers at Mars’ Mission Control.  Teams must work together to track the weather on Mars, determine the best landing area, and make sure their mission is a success.

Aeronautics: Weather

Why can it be dangerous to fly when the weather is bad? Students learn the basics of airplane flight and explore how weather affects flight by using a wind tunnel, model airplanes, and flight simulators.


Aeronautics: Forces and Motion

How do airplanes use the air we breathe to lift them off the ground? Have your students find out as they learn the basics of airplane flight and explore the four forces on an airplane by using flight simulators, a wind tunnel and model airplanes. Students should already have a basic understanding of force diagrams before coming for this program.