Performance Tasks

teacher helping student at challenger center

NYCCSSE has developed a performance task to align with the 6th grade aviation program in our NASA Aerospace Education Lab. Professional development is available to support the implementation of this investigation with your students.

6th Grade Weather

In a series of learning activities done both in the classroom and at NYCCSSE, students develop an understanding of the concept of air pressure and learn how airplanes manipulate it in order to fly. For the performance task students write a test report – similar to a science lab report, but written from an engineering perspective - to demonstrate their understanding of air pressure and how airplanes maximize air pressure differences to lift up and fly. This performance task should be done at the beginning of the 6th grade weather unit. Having developed a deep understanding of air pressure, students will be prepared to understand other concepts in weather such as fronts. To download an overview of this performance task, click here.

To find out more about implementing this performance task in your classroom, or attending professional development focused on this task, contact Katherine Brown at