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Tolerance and Diversity


Educators who are passionate about teaching realize the importance of including multiple perspectives.  The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and the New York State Department of Education stress the importance of the inclusion of multiple perspectives when teaching history. Research also shows us that comparing, contrasting, analyzing, and evaluating multiple perspectives helps all students become critical thinkers engaged in the learning process (Banks, 2000; Banks & Banks, 2004).

With all the demands and time constraints associated with teaching it is easy to neglect some aspects, but the inclusion of multiple perspectives and issues of diversity during the planning of curriculum and instructional experiences is very important and must be a core component of good teaching and learning.

Examining history, families, traditions, culture and values through multiple perspectives will increase students' empathy and understanding as well as their ability to analyze and think critically. Looking at people, events and issues from different angles or perspectives engages students deeply as it provides them with a skill that is essential in a democratic society as diverse and complex as our own.

Teachers can help students develop multiple perspectives and cultural sensitivity by modeling and by using culturally diverse materials. Exposing students to multiple sources of information created by diverse individuals will cultivate an understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.  Students must be exposed to learning that develops compassion, insight and awareness, capacity to deal with conflicting sources of information, ability to detect and analyze bias, and stereotypes. They should also experience first hand how new information can shape previously held beliefs and conclusions.

Using quality diverse texts that represent a variety of individuals, views and perspectives on the same topics or events can help students develop empathy.  When teaching topics in social studies or other content areas, instead of relying on one definition or accepted sequence of events, encourage students to explore a broad range of understandings by asking important questions such as:

Whose perspective is this?
Could there be other perspectives or interpretations? 
Why might this be so?
Whose voices are heard? 
Whose voices are omitted? 
How are specific groups or individuals portrayed?  Why might this be so?
Is this accurate?  Fair?  Why or why not?

Our goal is to nurture democratic thinking and civic engagement; we can achieve this goal if we provide our students with the authentic voices of many peoples and the opportunity to explore alternate ways of perceiving the world.

Picture Books about Diversity and Tolerance



Adler, David                             One Yellow Daffodil: A Hanukkah Story

Allen, Debbie                           Brothers of the Knight

Alma, Flor Ada                        I Love Saturdays y Domingos

Beaumont, Karen                    Being Friends

Bradby, Marie                          More Than Anything Else

Breckler, Rosemary K.           Sweet Dried Apples: A Vietnamese Wartime 

Bruchac, Joseph                     Between Earth and Sky: Legends of
                                                 Native American Sacred Places

Bunting, Eve                            The Blue and the Gray

Bunting, Eve                            Gleam and Glow

Bunting, Eve                            How Many Days to America: A Thanksgiving 

Bunting, Eve                            Smoky Night

Bunting, Eve                            So Far From the Sea

Cannon, Janell                        Stellaluna

Cannon, Janell                        Verdi

Cave, Kathryn                         The Boy Who Became an Eagle

Chinn, Karen                           Sam and the Lucky Money

Cohen, Miriam                         Down in the Subway

Collier, Bryan                          Uptown

Conrad, Pam                          Blue Willow

Cooper, Floyd                         Jump! From the Life of Michael Jordan

Cooper, Melrose                     I Got Community

Crowther, Kitty                        Jack and Jim

Coy, John                                Strong to the Hoop

Curtis, Jamie Lee                    I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little 

Da Costa, Deborah                 Snow in Jerusalem

Davis, Ossie                           Just Like Martin

De Vries, Anke                        Piggy’s Birthday Dream

Deedy, Carmen Agra              The Yellow Star: The Legend of King 
                                                Christian X of Denmark

Del Negro, Janice                   Lucy Dove

DePaola, Tomie                      The Art Lesson

DePaola, Tomie                      The Knight and the Dragon

DePaola, Tomie                      Oliver Button is a Sissy

Dooley, Norah                         Everybody Cooks Rice

Edwardson, Debby Dahl         Whale Snow

Fleming, Candace                  Boxes for Katje

Fox, Mem                                Whoever You Are

Friedman, Ina R.                     How My Parents Learned to Eat

Glaser, Linda                           Our Big Home

Gollub, Matthew                      The Jazz Fly

Greenfield, Eloise                    Grandpa’s Face

Grifalconi, Ana                         The Village that Vanished

Hall, Bruce Edward                 Henry and the Kite Dragon

Hamanaka, Sheila                   All the Colors of the Earth

Herrera, Juan Felipe               The Upside Down Boy/ El Nino de 

Hesse, Karen                          The Cats in Krasinski Square

Hest, Amy                               When Jessie Came Across the Sea

Hoffman, Mary                         The Color of Home

Hopkinson, Deborah               A Band of Angels

Hume, Lachie                          Clancy the Courageous Cow

Jaskol, Julie and Brian Lewis  City of Angels: In and Around Los Angeles

Johnston, Tony                       Uncle Rain Cloud

Johnston, Tony                       The Worm Family

Jones, Rebecca C.                 Matthew and Tilly

Jordan, Deloris and

Roslyn M. Jordan                    Salt in His Shoes 

Khan, Rukhsana                     The Roses in My Carpets

Kajikawa, Kimiko                     Yoshi’s Feast

Katz, Karen                             The Colors of Us

Keats, Ezra Jack                    Louie’s Search

Kindersley, Anabel and

Barnabas                                Children Just Like Me

Klevin, Elisa                            The Dancing Deer and the Foolish Hunter

Krull, Kathleen                         M is for Music

Kurtz, Jane                              Faraway Home

Kyuchukov, Hristo                   My Name Was Hussein

Lattimore,  Deborah Norse     Flame of Peace: A Tale of the Aztecs

Lee, Milly                                 Nim and the War Effort

Leodhas, Sorche Nic              Always Room for One More

Lewin, Ted                              The Storytellers

Lionni, Leo                               Little Blue and Little Yellow

Lipp, Frederick                        The Caged Birds of Phnom Pehn

Littlesugar, Amy                      Freedom School, Yes

Long, Hua                                The Moon Maiden and Other Asian 

Look, Lenore                           Love as Strong as Ginger

Luenn, Nancy                          A Gift for Abuelita: Celebrating the Day 
                                                of the Dead

Madrigal, Antonio Hernandez  Blanca's Feather/ La Pluma de Blanca

McCann, Joseph                     There’s a Skunk in My Bunk: Helping 
                                                Children Learn Tolerance

McKissack, Patricia                Goin' Someplace Special

McKissack, Patricia                Ma Dear's Aprons

Miller, J. Philip and

Sheppard M. Greene               We All Sing with the Same Voice

Munson, Derek                        Enemy Pie

Nolen, Jerdine                         Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm

Normandin, Christine, ed.       Echoes of the Elders: The Stories and 
                                                Paintings of Chief Lelooska

Park, Frances and Ginger      Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong

Parr, Todd                               It’s Okay to Be Different

Partridge, Elizabeth                Oranges on Golden Mountain

Peet, Bill                                  Pinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg

Pin, Isabela                             When I Grow Up I Will Win the Nobel 
                                                Peace Prize

Pinkney, Andrea Davis            Alvin Ailey

Pinkney, Andrea Davis            Dear Benjamin Banneker

Pinkwater, D. Manus               The Big Orange Splot

Piper, Watty                            The Little Engine That Could

Polacco, Patricia                     The Butterfly 

Polacco, Patricia                     Chicken Sunday 

Polacco, Patricia                     The Keeping Quilt 

Rappaport, Doreen                 The Secret Seder

Raschka, Chris                       Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

Raschka, Chris                       Yo! Yes?

Raven, Margot                         The Circle Is Unbroken: The Story of a 
                                                 Basket and Its People

Recorvits, Helen                     My Name is Yoon

Ringgold, Faith                        Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad 
                                                in the Sky

Rosen, Michael                       Elijah’s Angel: A Story for Chanukah 
                                                and Christmas

Rubin, Susan Goldman          The Flag with Fifty-Six Stars

Ryan, Pam Muñoz                  When Marian Sang

San Souci, Robert D.              Nicholas’s Pipe

Say, Allen                                Grandfather’s Journey

Say, Allen                                The Sign Painter

Say, Allen                                Tea With Milk

Schroeder, Alan                      Satchmo’s Blues

Schubert, Ingrid & Dieter        Amazing Animals

Schubert, Ingrid & Dieter        Beaver’s Lodge

Seskin, Steve                          Don’t Laugh at Me

Seymour, Tres                        Jake Johnson: the Story of a Mule

Shannon, David                      Bad Case of Stripes

Shannon, David                      David Goes to School

Shea, Pegi Deitz                     The Whispering Cloth: A Refugee Story

Singh, Pushpinder                  Bab Ditta’s Turnip

Sisilu, Elinor Batezat               The Day Gogo Went to Vote: South 
, April 1994

Smith, David J.                        If the World Were a Village: A Book about 
                                                the World’s People

Smith, Will                               Just the Two of Us

Smothers, Ethel Footman      The Hard-Times Jar

Steckle, Richard                     The Milestones Project: Celebrating 
                                                Childhood Around  the World

Stock, Catherine                     Gugu's House

Stojic, Manya                           Hello World

Swope, Sam                           Araboolies of Liberty Street

Tyler, Michael                          The Skin You Live In

Ulick, Michael Alderman          Romeo the Rhino’s Rocky Romance: 
                                                A Cautionary Tale About Differences

Vander Zee, Ruth                    Mississippi Morning

Wahl, Jan.                               Candy Shop

Wells, Rosemary                    Tallchief: America’s Prima Ballerina

Wells, Rosemary                    Yoko

Williams, Karen Lynn              When Africa Was Home

Winthrop, Elizabeth                Dumpy LaRue

Woodson, Jacqueline             Coming on Home Soon

Woodson, Jacqueline             The Other Side

Wong, Janet                            Apple Pie 4th of July

Wong, Janet                            The Trip Back Home

Wyeth, Sharon Dennis           Something Beautiful

Yang, Belle                              Hannah is My Name

Yee, Paul                                 A Song for Ba

Yolen, Jane                             Encounter

Yorkinks, Arthur                       Company’s Coming

Yost-Filgate, Susan                Rip Squeak and His Friends

Zarin, Cynthia  Wallace           Hoskins, the Boy Who Grew Down




Trade Books on Tolerance



Ajmera, Maya                          To Be an Artist

Budhos, Marina                       Ask Me No Questions

DK Publishing                         A Life Like Mine

Donahue, Jill L.                       Being Tolerant

Gallo, Donald, ed.                   First Crossing: Stories about Teen 

Gay, Kathlyn                            Cultural Diversity : Conflicts and challenges:
                                                 The ultimate teen guide

Kent, Susan                            Learning how to Appreciate Differences

Koja, Kahte                             Buddha Boy

Kranz, Rachel                         Straight Talk about Prejudice

LaMachia, John                       So What is Tolerance Anyway?

Lester, Julius                           Let’s Talk about Race

Levy, Debbie                           Bigotry

Mann, Gurinder,

Numrich Singh, David Paul

and Raymond B. Williams      Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs in America


Meiners, Cheri J.                     Accept and Value Each Person

Middleton, Don                        Dealing with Discrimination

Miller, Connie Colwell              Tolerance

Nelson, Robin                         Respecting Others

Osborn, Kevin                         Tolerance

Palmer, Ezra                           Everything You Need to Know about 

Pryor, Kimberley Jane            Tolerance

Raatma, Lucia                        Tolerance

Rotner, Shelly                         Many ways : How families practice their 
                                                beliefs and religions

Sanders, Pete                         Dealing with Racism

Scheunemann, Pam               Learning about Differences

Scheunemann, Pam               Tolerance

Schuette, Saral L.                   I Am Tolerant

Singh, Pushpinder                  The Boy With the Long Hair

Wandberg, Robert                  Tolerance : Celebrating Differences

Watson, Susan                       Respecting Cultural Differences




Trade Books on Diversity


Barrow, Joy                             Sikhism

Buchanan, Sue                       Mud Pie Annie

Brown, Alan                             Christianity

Brown, Tricia                           Salaam: A Muslim American Boy's Story

Conover, Sarah                       Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs

Davol, Margarite                      The Paper Dragon

Dewey, Jennifer Owings         Minik's Story

Dhanjal, Beryl                          Sikhism

Douglass, Susan                    Ramadan

Freeman, Deena                     How People Live

Ganeri, Anita and Dalton,

David                                       This Is My Faith: Sikhism

Graham, Ian                            Judaism

Hamilton, Olivia                       A Sikh Wedding

Katha, Amar Chitra                 Banda Bahadur

Katha, Amar Chitra                 Guru Gobind Singh

Katha, Amar Chitra                 Guru Nanak

Katha, Amar Chitra                 Guru Teg Bahad

Kaur, Kanwaljit                        Stories about Sikh Traditions

Khan, Rukhsana                     Muslim Child: Understanding Islam through
                                                Stories and Poems

Lord, Bette Bao                       Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

Macaulay, David                      Mosque

Matthews, Mary                       Magid Fasts for Ramadan

Osa, Nancy                             Cuba 15

Perkins, Mitali                          Monsoon Summer

Prime, Ranchor                      Hinduism

Senker, Cath                           My Sikh Year

Singh, Amrit & Rabindra K.     Bindhu's Weddings

Singh, Ravi                              Leadership by Turban – An American Story

Singha, S.H. and Satwant

Kaur                                        The Illustrated Ardaas

Smalls, Irene, Paul

Goodnight and Melodye

Benson Rosales                     Jennie and the Christmas Masquerade: The 

Stanley, Diane Saladin:           Noble Prince of Islam

Thompson, Jan                       Islam

Thompson, Mel                       Buddhism

Wolf, Bernard                          Coming to America: A Muslim Family's Story

Young, Ed                               Voices of the Heart