Suspension Plans for Students with Disabilities

When a student with a disability is removed from his or her regular school program for more than 10 school days, a suspension plan is developed. An IEP team develops the plan, which provides the student and the suspension site staff with a description of the special education supports and services the student will receive during his or her suspension term. While the suspension plan may not include the same level of services/programs as the student’s IEP, it is developed by an IEP team considering the student’s skills, behavior, needs, and services that were provided at the home school.

Transportation During Suspension

All students will continue to be transported to their suspension site in the same manner they were transported to their home school site, subject to the following exceptions:

• Students who walk to school and will now attend a suspension site to which they are unable to walk because of the distance from their home will receive a MetroCard.

• Students who travel by public transportation to school may receive yellow bus transportation if it is determined that the travel distance between their home and the suspension site is not appropriate, given their disability and cognitive and/or emotional condition.