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SESIS Training Materials for Related Service Providers

SESIS Training Materials for Related Service Providers

Who Records What in Encounter Attendance

Role Attendance Session Notes
OT/PT/Speech Yes Yes
Para Yes No

Resolving Login Issues

Often SESIS login issues are caused by an expired DOE password. To determine whether this is the cause of your difficulty (and resolve it by changing your password), please login to the Outlook Web Application with your existing password and follow the instructions you are given.

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Call IVR System to Register First-Attend Dates for Related Services

All DOE, agency, and independent providers of related services must call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to record the first day of attendance for students they serve. DOE and agency employees call (718) 596-4080 Independent providers call (718) 596-4099
Students are legally required to receive the related services recommended on their IEPs at the start of the school year and recording this information in the IVR system verifies this.

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