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SESIS Training Materials for Related Service Providers

SESIS Training Materials for Related Service Providers

Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists Chromebook Users

Refer to this guide for set-up instructions and additional resources.

A NEW user-friendly guide for a one-stop access to all the SESIS Training Resources for Counseling Services.

Resolving Login Issues

Often SESIS login issues are caused by an expired DOE password. To determine whether this is the cause of your difficulty (and resolve it by changing your password),
please login to the Outlook Web Application with your existing password and follow the instructions you are given.

Get Started with Provider Assignment

Introductory Videos
These videos will help you get oriented with the Provider Assignment module.
Introductory Training Materials
The following pdf documents will help you with the main functions in Provider Assignment as well as provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a System Icon Glossary you can print and easily refer to.
Provider Assignment Reports

Contract Agency Process

Summer Services
Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Agencies Videos
How to Assign an Agency Checklist
Contracting Out: Contract Agency Videos
Assignment Status Values Glossaries

Independent Provider Process

Summer Services
Related Service Authorization (RSA)
First Attend
Additional References

Get Started with Encounter Attendance

Student Caseloads/Service Records for Related Service Providers

Student Caseloads/Service Records for Supervisors

Who Records What in Encounter Attendance?

Role Attendance Session Notes
OT/PT/Speech Yes Yes
Para Yes No
Counselor Yes Yes*
*Counseling session notes may be entered as “Confidential” if judged to be sensitive by the provider.

Role-Specific Resources

Comprehensive Training Guide

The training guide below is a large pdf file that includes all the topics pertaining to the subject.