Getting help


Getting Help


About The Division of Students with Disabilities

The Division of Students with Disabilities & English Language Learners helps city schools work effectively with students with disabilities. The special education services offered in schools include interventions and strategies in the general education environment as well as more intensive services provided in both community schools and in District 75 specialized programs.

The Committees on Special Education oversee evaluations for students who are not currently enrolled in the public school system.

Individual schools are responsible for appropriately educating all their students and school principals are expected to make sure students get the services they need. If your school is not supporting your child the way you think they should, you can get help from:

You can learn more about:

At any point in the special education process you can request:

Your Team

Talk to the people at your child's school. They are the ones who know best what's going on and they are the ones who are best able to make changes:

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers (sometimes called SETSS providers or IEP Teachers)
  • Guidance Counselor or School Psychologist
  • Related Service providers and paraprofessionals
  • School Principal and/or Assistant Principal

Keep track of who you talk to, when, and what was said. Follow up with a note or an email to make sure everyone is in agreement. In some schools there is also an administrator dedicated to special education issues in particular or there may be a Pupil Personnel Team (PPT), which reviews individual student progress.If your child receives services such as physical or occupational therapy outside of a New York City public school, your team is at the Committee for Special Education in your district.

Next Steps

When you have worked with the principal and the school level, and the situation is still unresolved, you have several options: