Family Support


Family Support

District 75 is dedicated to creating and supporting partnerships between schools, families and the community. The Office of Parent Engagement is the primary contact for families and parent leaders whose children attend District 75 schools. It also supports school-based, district-based parent leadership associations and parent coordinators. The office also provides ongoing professional development to parent coordinators within the district.


Parent Coordinators

Overall, the Parent Coordinator focuses on:

  • Creating a welcoming school environment for parents
  • Working with the principal to address parent issues and concerns at the school
  • Conducting outreach to engage parents in their children’s education
  • Strengthening parent involvement in their children’s education.

Special Ed Referral Process

There are five steps in the Special Education process: 1. Initial referral or "request for referral;"    2. Evaluation; 3. The IEP team meeting;                    4. Recommendation; 5. Review

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