Family Support


Family Support

    Getting Help

    Families and parent leaders whose children attend D75 schools can get help from:

    Parent Resources

    Find out about:

    • Parent/Guardian Workshops
    • Becoming a Parent Leader
      • District 75 President’s Council
      • District 75 Parent Association Presidents’ Council

    Citywide D75 Council

    Learn more about the Citywide Council for District 75.

    See what the last meeting covered

    Become a parent leader

    Parent Coordinators

    Overall, the Parent Coordinator focuses on
    • Creating a welcoming school environment for parents
    • Working with the principal to address parent issues and concerns at the school
    • Conducting outreach to engage parents in their children’s education
    • Strengthening parent involvement in their children’s education

    Special Ed Referral Process

    There are five steps in the Special Education process:
    1. Initial referral or "request for referral"
    2. Evaluation
    3. The IEP team meeting
    4. Recommendations
    5. Review
    Find out more from the Office of Special Education.