The Office of Autism ensures instructional practicesreflecting the individual needs of students with autism--including those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and those with severe cognitive deficits--are addressed. By providing staff with training that helps them apply a deeper understanding of the culture of autism, students' learning, communication and indpendance is enhanced.
In addition, the Department of Autism:

  • Coordinates and unifies professional development activities
  • Serves as a resource to D75 programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD);
  • Supports instructional programs of students with ASD via the provision of on-site
  • Provides coaching supports, with the areas of focus including assessment, goal writing, instructional methodologies, challenging behaviors, and motivation/reinforcement systems
  • Supports infusion of ABA philosophy and implementation of behaviorally-based instructional strategies (DTI, TEACCH, PECS), including systematic data collection;
  • Supports staff in assessing students' behaviors (MAS or ABC) and conducting reinforcer assessments; and
  • Maintains linkages with consultants/university settings.


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