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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

The Technology Solutions office provides professionally trained, multi-disciplinary teams to evaluate students in collaboration with school staff and the student's family members. This collaborative approach is necessary for the students to achieve success with the recommended technology as these systems will often be used by the student throughout the day in a variety of settings.

Referrals are initiated by school staff or at the request of parents.

Assistive Technology Evaluations

What is it?

Students are evaluated to see if technology can help them perform skills that they cannot otherwise do because of either physical/developmental delays or deficit.s These tech solutions may include tools for handwriting, voice output communication devices, computers, amplifiers, switches, etc.

Once students receive Assistive Technology, it is added to theiir IEPs and becomes a requirement to be integrated into the student's school program.

Who Does it?

The Technology Solutions team is responsible for all Assistive Technology evaluations for students in District 75 (D75) school programs. These include students in D75 self-contained classrooms, students in Inclusion programs, students in Home Instruction, students in Hospital Schools, and students who have Vision and Hearing services.

When & How can it be done?

Assistive Technology evaluations can be initiated at anytime during the school year.
Initial evaluations are processed through the Special Education Student Information System (SESIS) utilized by the New York City Department of Education. Re-evaluations are often required due to student's changing needs or improved developmental skills. These re-evaluations are handled directly through the Technology Solutions office.

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