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    D75 Video Library

    • Beneath the Words: An iPad Jazz Band

      b. Many of Adam Goldberg's students have great difficulty speaking. But that doesn't mean they have nothing to say, or to express or to feel. It also doesn't mean they are not eloquent. Adam has given his students a way to communicate their emotions through an innovative iPad band…

    • Social Language: Give Me Twenty!

      Language is primarily a social activity. Limiting it to identifying objects or concentrating on lesson-specific vocabulary, steals the opportunity for students to discuss, respond, express, or demand. Give Me Twenty! is a flexible, suggested list of words that can be used in an enormous variety of situations...

    • Getting Ready to Learn: Preparing Students (4th video in the 5-part series)

      Getting Ready to Learn is a program that helps prepare students for school through a consistent, daily, sensory practice. GRTL helps to quiet, center, and focus pre-school through High School students.

    • Travel Training 2: Analyzing the Environment (2nd video in a 3-part series)

      Travel Training is short-term, comprehensive, intensive, one-to-one, specially designed instruction to teach high school age students with disabilities other than blindness, how to travel safely and independently on public transportation.

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