Related Services


Related Services

    What are Related Services?

    Related services are developmental, corrective and other support services required to assist a student with a disability to benefit from instruction.

    Based upon a student's Individualized Educational Program (IEP), related support services may be necessary.

    Adaptive Equipment

    The right adaptive equipment allows students greater access to curriculum and activities throughout their educational experience.


    The  District 75 Counseling Office supports the mental health needs of students. Using a multi-tiered framework, counselors provide individual and group counseling to students as determined by their IEPs.


    School Health Services are designed to address the specific health needs of the student and to ensure a safe educational environment that allows the student to benefit from his/her primary educational program.

    Mobility & Orientation

    Mobility and Orientation services are provided for students with visual impairments who require instruction to improve their ability to perceive and move safely in their environment.

    Occupational and Physical Therapies

    Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) are two of the related services under Part B of IDEA that may be provided to support a student's Individualized Education Program.

    The New York City Department of Education provides school based Occupational Therapy in both District 75 and General Education school settings. 

    Resources and Tools for DOE OTs and PTs

    Related & Contractual Services

    Contracted agencies are issued a transmittal requesting service when there are no Department of Education therapists available to serve students

    A Related Service Authorization (RSA) is issued only when a contracted agency cannot provide the service. RSA (Related Service Authorization) allows a family to secure an independent provider paid for by the Department of Education.

    Sign Language Interpreting Service

    The Office of Sign Language Interpreting Services (OSLIS) provides sign language interpreting services to Deaf parents,students and staff for all programs, activities and events sponsored by the NYC Department of Education.

    Speech, Vision & Hearing

    • Speech/Language therapy is provided by teachers of speech improvement.
    • Educational Vision Services (EVS) are provided for students who are blind or have a visual impairment related to pathology of the eyes or visual pathways.
    • Hearing education services are designed to provide intensive instruction in speech reading, auditory training and language development to enhance the growth of receptive/expressive communication skills.