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Mobility and Orientation

Mobility & Orientation

Orientation and mobility instruction is designed for students with visual impairments.  It improves their grasp of spatial and environmental concepts in order to safely and purposfully navigate their environment. 

Students are taught to use information received by the senses (such as sound, temperature, and vibrations) for establishing, maintaining, and regaining orientation and line of travel (e.g. using sound at a traffic light to cross the street).  It also teaches the use of the long cane to supplement visual travel skills, or as a tool for safely negotiating the environment for students with no available vision.

Orientation and Mobility Teacher

Orientation and mobility (O&M) instruction enables blind and low vision students to learn safe and purposeful travel.

Orientation and Mobility Paraprofessional

Mobility Paraprofessionals are mandated for select visually impaired students who receive O&M instruction. They are only mandated to students who are deemed "unsafe independent travelers" in the school. Such designation can be given onlly after completion of an evaluation from an O&M expert.

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