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Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy emphasizes physical function and independence in various settings including the classroom, bathroom, gym, staircase, playground and transitions between settings. Physical therapy uses manual/handling techniques, exercise and sensory processing activities to maintain, improve or restore function including gross motor development (e.g. mobility, ambulation, posture), neuromotor status (e.g. muscle tone, strength, balance, coordination), motor planning and negotiating the environment.

Physical Therapy also promotes function by adapting the environment, providing and maintaining seating, positioning, assistive technology and mobility equipment and by monitoring and managing orthoses and prostheses. Physical Therapy may be recommended for a student whose physical needs require such services and/or impede access to their educational program. These students may demonstrate skills that are below expectations commensurate with the student's total profile including cognitive development which adversely affects school performance. A physician's referral is required for a student to receive Physical Therapy services. The frequency and duration of services is determined by the IEP Team in collaboration with the evaluating therapist.

In an effort to guide our schools when purchasing assistive technology we have compiled a recommendations for programmatic equipment devices for the 6:1:1 and 12:1:4 classes. If you are looking for ideas for software to purchase please email Susan Abdulezer and request the adaptive software DVD that features clips from 25 software titles. For additional advice email Karen Gorman.

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