Diploma Requirements


Diploma Requirements

Planning for Graduation

Planning for life after school is part of the required curriculum for students with disabilities after they turn 15. This "transition plan" is part of the student's Individualized Education Program. In making this plan, the IEP team must consider the student's strengths, preferences, and interests whether or not the student attends the team meeting. The plan focuses on:

  • Instruction to help the student achieve his or her individual goals;
  • Building employment skills and other tools for adult life;
  • Community integration;
  • Developing daily living skills for students who require this kind of assistance.

With your consent, the school must invite a representative of any agencies likely to be responsible for providing or paying for transition services to the IEP Team meeting. Regardless of whether an agency representative attends the meeting, the school must take steps to involve the agency in the planning of any transition services.

Graduation Requirements

New York State High School Graduation Requirements differ depending on the year a student first enters 9th grade. Students can obtain a Graduation Requirements card from their Guidance Counselor. The cards outline the credits, Regents examinations, and scores required for high school graduation. Graduation Requirements cards are color-coded and dated to correspond to the year of initial entry into 9th grade. The cards are intended to help students and parents, in consultation with the school counselor, determine how many credits, the distribution of credits by subject area, and the scores required on the Regents Exams to receive a local, Regents, or Advanced Regents diploma. A Diploma Requirements Worksheet can help track student academic progress throughout high school.