Recommendations Timeline

The Department of Educations is required to provide you with the Final Notice of Recommendations (FNR):

  • For first-time referrals to special education: within 60 school days from the date you provided consent to evaluate your child;
  • If your child is already receiving special education services: 60 school days from the date of the referral for a reevaluation.
  • In any case, the DOE must send you the notice by August 15 for the school year that starts in September.

If you accept the recommendation, you will be sent an Authorization to Attend letter, sometimes called an "A-1" letter.

What if...

You have not received a recommendation by August 15?
Call 311 and ask to speak to the Special Education Unit.

After visiting the offered school, you believe it does not meet your child's educational needs?
The IEP team must meet again to work this through with you. To start this process, you should notify (in writing) the same person you notified to start the referral process - your school principal if your child is in public school or the CSE if your child is not.

Your child is recommended for a special class setting and you have not received a Final Notice of Recommendation by August 15 (or by June 15 for students with a 12-month school year)?
You will receive a P1R Letter, sometimes called a "Nickerson letter." This entitles your child to attend a New York State Education Department -- approved non-public day school at the expense of the DOE.