The IEP Meeting


The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting

It is very important that you attend IEP Team meetings so that you will be able to participate in any decisions that will be made about your child's eligibility for special education services and programs.

You will be invited to attend an IEP Team meeting at a time and date that works for you at least five days before the meeting. DOE representatives may attempt to contact you by telephone to confirm that you will attend. If you cannot attend the meeting, you must contact the school or CSE Office and ask to change the date.

The evaluations, records and reports on your child should be provided to you before the IEP Team meeting. You can ask the school to make these documents available to you beforehand.

You have the right to request that this information is translated into your preferred language. If necessary, an interpreter will be provided for you at the IEP Team meeting. Your observations and opinions are valuable and must be considered at the meeting.


What Happens at the IEP Team Meeting?

The purpose of the meeting is to review your child's current academic and social progress, and to design a plan that specifically meets his or her needs.

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Who Attends the Meeting

The IEP Team consists of parents, school personnel who know your child and additional individuals with knowledge or special expertise about your child.

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Questions to ask at the IEP Team Meeting

Some questions to keep in mind during the IEP Team Meeting.

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