The IEP Meeting

Who Attends the Meeting

Who Attends the IEP Team Meeting

There are a number of participants in the IEP Meeting, and whether or not each one is required to attend depends on whether the meeting is:

  • The first one, or "Initial" meeting;
  • An “annual review” of the decisions made in a previous meeting; or
  • A Reevaluation, which will happen every three years no matter what and can be called whenever there is a concern that the student’s program is no longer meeting his or her needs

The Student can play an important role at the IEP meeting, too. Students often value understanding and having input into the process. After age 14, as the IEP team begins discussing Transition Services the student’s participation is essential but as a parent you may choose to involve your child at an earlier age.

The District Representative chairs the meeting. Among other things, he or she and ensures

  • The meaningful participation of family members.
  • That all program and service options are considered and explained
  • That the child’s IEP includes the supports, services, and accommodations the child needs to meet their IEP goals, and provides the child with the opportunity to progress in the grade level curriculum and on NYS and district assessments as appropriate
  • That parents/guardians are fully informed of their due process rights

The Parent Member: In New York State, you may request that the team also include a “parent member” who represents the community of parents of students with disabilities. The parent member contributes knowledge and experience to the IEP-planning process, and helps explain options to families who are new to it.

Annual Review
Every year, the team meets to make sure the decisions made in a previous meeting are still good ones.
The first time the team meets you decide whether or not your child is eligible for services.
You can ask for a re-evaluation any time you, or the school, are concerned about whether your child's program is still meeting his or her needs. Every three years the law requires that there is a more in-depth review, called a "Mandated Three-Year."
*Special Education Teacher/**Related Service Provider
General Education Teacher
General Education Teacher
***Student (as appropriate)
District Representative
School Psychologist
School Social Worker see below see below
Parent Member

If modifications or related service recommendations are being considered, all attempts should be made to ensure the participation of the related service provider. Also, related service providers must provide reports even when they do not participate.