High School

High School

High School

Students with disabilities can apply to all schools and/or programs listed in the Directory of New York City High Schools, subject to the same admissions requirements as their peers. They may:

  • take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT)
  • apply for all audition programs

However, students whose IEPs recommend a specialized District 75 program must enroll through District 75 Enrollment.

Once a student is accepted to a high school, the IEP team at the school may convene within 30 days of the first day of school to develop an IEP that will meet the special education needs of the child at that school. High school students receiving Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) or Special Class services do not necessarily attend class together each period of the day.

Refer to the DOE's High School directories
Use the DOE's School Search to locate schools near you.

For more information, please read the Guide for Families of High School Students with Disabilities. You can find translations for this document on the High School Enrollment Publications page.

District 75 High School Enrollment

Students in District 75 middle-school programs who continue to require a District 75 program do not participate in the High School Admissions Process. These students are notified of their high school placement in May or June by their District 75 school.

Students who are staying in a District 75 inclusion program participate in a District 75-administered application process for high school inclusion programs. Applications are provided by your District 75-school and are due in December and acceptance notices are sent in early spring.

Transitioning out of District 75 Middle School

Students moving from a District 75 middle school to a community high school should participate in the High School Admissions process. However, prior to attending a community high school, these students will need to have an IEP meeting to develop a new IEP that recommends special education services in a community high school.

It's important to speak with the school psychologist, your student's teachers, and the entire IEP team to see if a community school program is appropriate for your child.