Least Restrictive Environment

General Education with Supplementary Aids & Services

General Education with Supplementary Aids & Services

These are services and other supports that are provided in both general education classes or other settings that are more restrictive. Supplementary Aids and Services may include, but are not limited to, the following materials, devices and adaptations:

Functional Behavioral Assessment - A functional behavioral assessment is conducted for any student whose behavior impedes his or her learning or the learning of other students. It is the process of determining the purpose that a behavior serves for a student and is accomplished by careful assessment of the situations that lead to certain behaviors and the consequences that result. The results of the functional behavioral assessment are incorporated into a behavioral intervention plan which provides intervention strategies to address the behavior.

Curriculum Accommodations - Accommodations change how a student accesses information and demonstrates that he/she has learned the information. They may include the use of audiotapes instead of books, large-print books, Braille materials, use of a calculator for math or use of a word processor instead of handwriting.

Curriculum Modifications - Modifications change the way the curriculum is delivered and the instructional level, but the subject matter itself remains the same. Examples of modifications include redesigning the size or focus of the assignment.

Individualized Supports - Examples of individualized supports include rephrasing of questions and instructions, additional time to move between classes, special seating arrangements, testing accommodations such as questions being read or re-read aloud, additional time, etc., curricular aids such as highlighted reading materials, main idea summaries, organizational aids, pre-written notes or study guides.

Supplementary Aids and Services may also include the services of various personnel, such as related service providers, special education teachers and paraprofessionals, and they may be combined in different ways to meet the individual needs of your child.