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Interdependence and Self-Determination

Interdependence and Self-Determination

Are you happy with the results you are getting from utilizing remediation and compensation interventions alone?
Some students with disabilities may have lifelong impairments that would prevent them from completing certain tasks independently even with the best remediation and compensation interventions. Therapists frequently reach this point where no more progress can be expected and think that these students will forever be dependent on others for life. This is the independence framework of rehabilitation! You can either succeed by yourself or not. You are either independent or dependent.

The interdependence framework of rehabilitation, on the other hand, views the world as individuals working together where everyone needs support at certain points in their lives. Under this framework, students with disabilities are taught that assistance is not a deficit, and that knowing how to seek assistance is a positive attribute that would lead toward self-sufficiency as an adult. To be interdependent, students with disabilities need to practice self-determination skills that include, among others, decision-making, goal setting & attainment, self-advocacy and leadership.

Interdependence describes the real world: where co-workers collaborate, where people co-habitate, and where individuals make decisions by consulting others. By incorporating the concepts of interdependence and self-determination into school-based therapy practice, students with disabilities can become adults who are prepared to negotiate this real world.   

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    References - list of books, articles and websites 
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        by Palmer, S.B. and Wehmeyer, M.L.
    Beach Center on Disability - books and articles on self-determination
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