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Inclusive Education Student Summit

Inclusive Education Student Summit 


Working together to ensure all students are being included

The Inclusive Education Student Summit is an opportunity to identify and grow student-led expertise in NYC public schools that builds school-level and community based inclusive practices and celebrates disability as an aspect of diversity. Through the school year students in different schools across NYC create activities geared toward building inclusive communities and on this day share what they have accomplished and learned. They will also spend time working with students from other schools to discuss next steps to further develop their inclusive communities.

At the summit schools and students had the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and share the inclusive practices you created in your classroom, school, and community
  • Discuss with other students and staff various ways to improve inclusive practices in your classroom, school and community
  • Participate in activities that promote awareness
  • Participate in activities that build skills and knowledge about developing inclusive practices

  Event Details:
  Co-hosted by NYC Department of Education and Parents for Inclusive Education  (PIE)
  May 7, 2014
  55 Lexington Avenue NY, NY 10010
  Baruch College: Building Vertical Campus
  14th Floor, Room 14-220
  Contact: Heather Hermansen at or Jaclyn Okin Barney at
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Video of the event (2014)

Archive video of the event (2013)