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Today's event:
High School Parent Conferences
09/28/2016 High schools will hold an evening event for parents.

 *Schools may hold their Parent Conferences on non-citywide dates. Contact the individual school to confirm dates.
 **Multi-session schools and District 75 School Programs are exempt from this additional conference. Schools will notify families accordingly if they are holding these events at their site.



NYC FITNESSGRAM is an annual fitness assessment for students in grade K—12 that helps students and their families develop personal goals for lifelong fitness. The NYC FITNESSGRAM reports spark conversations about eating habits and levels of physical activity needed for good health.

Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians can access their child’s NYC FITNESSGRAM results, and more information about NYC FITNESSGRAM, on the NYC Schools Account. You can also ask your child’s PE teacher to print out your child’s report. Contact the Parent Coordinator at your school for help reaching your child’s PE teacher.

PE teachers can help you understand how the test was administered; what the results mean; and ways in which a student can make a personal plan for staying healthy and fit. You may also want to share your child’s NYC FITNESSGRAM report with your health care provider.

PE teachers and other NYC FITNESSGRAM users

Physical education teachers enter students’ NYC FITNESSGRAM assessment data using the NYC FITNESSGRAM web application. Teachers must attend a free training offered by the Office of School Wellness Programs in order to become an NYC FITNESSGRAM user and gain access to the web application. If you are not currently a registered user or are having trouble logging into the system, please submit a Help Desk Ticket for assistance