Learn at Home

Resources for Families

In the event that your child is not able to travel to school, we encourage you to support your child’s learning at home using the suggested study schedules and instructional activities posted below. These materials do not replace what your child is learning at school, but it is important that students continue to read, write, do science activities, and work on math problems during time out of school. 

Learn at Home Instructional Activities


Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

High School ELA
High School Math - Geometry
High School Math - Integrated Algebra
High School Social Studies - Global History
High School Social Studies - U.S. History
High School Science - Chemistry
High School Science - Earth Science
High School Science - Living Environment
High School Science - Physics

Extra time at home is an opportunity to begin or continue planning for your future after graduation. The College Planning Handbook will help you consider the types of college options available to you, how to search for and select a school that matches your interests and needs, how to successfully navigate the application process, and how to make college affordable through financial aid and planning.

Additional Resources for Learning at Home

Click here for a list of online and offline resources that may be helpful in supporting students not currently able to travel to school.