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NYC Data

Doing Research in New York City Public Schools

Institutional Review Board

The New York City public school system, the largest in the nation, has much to offer educational researchers. We allow outside researchers to conduct studies within our system while insuring that any research does not compromise the privacy of our students and parents, or disrupt the work of students, teachers, and administrators.

Proposals to conduct research or evaluations in our schools are reviewed by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Institutional Review Board (IRB). If you are planning to submit a proposal, here are some guidelines and additional FAQ's for researchers. If you are a school administrator, here are some FAQ's for Principals about the IRB.

The IRB meets every month, including in July and August. Preliminary screening of proposals is conducted prior to the IRB meeting. The length of time required to review and approve a proposal depends primarily on the completeness of the proposal and the researcher’s prompt response to requests from IRB members for clarification and/or additional information. Complete proposals received by the submission deadline will be reviewed during the corresponding IRB meeting (posted below).

New York City Department of Education
Institutional Review Board Calendar
Submission Deadline
(Close of Business)
Meeting Date
June 22, 2016 July 20,2016
July 20, 2016 August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016 September 21, 2016
September 21, 2016 October 19, 2016
October 19, 2016 November 16, 2016
November 16, 2016 December 14, 2016
December 14, 2016 January 18, 2017
January 18, 2017 February 22, 2017

All research proposals must be submitted through the NYCDOE's electronic submission platform, IRBManager. To log on to the system go to: https://login.irbmanager.com/ and follow the instructions for creating a password (click here).Questions about the IRB should be emailed to IRB@schools.nyc.gov.

If your research does not involve human subjects, and instead exclusively relies on the use of NYCDOE administrative data, you do not need to submit to the IRB. However, you must complete the data request process below.

Data Requests

If you are planning a research study or evaluation that will use NYCDOE student-level data, please read the following directions carefully.

All data requests must be submitted through the NYCDOE's Research and Policy Support Group (RPSG). School or DOE staff cannot provide data to external researchers. Additionally, research directly involving data collection in schools must first be approved by the IRB.

We strongly encourage researchers to first explore the school-level data already publicly available. This page contains links to data on graduation outcomes, Math and ELA tests, School Quality Reports, demographics, and the New York State Report Cards (which includes information on enrollment, attendance, suspensions, dropouts, teachers, etc.)

The data request process begins when you complete and submit the “Data Request” form in IRBManager. Directions for how to create an IRBManager log-in and how to start the Data Request form are further down on this page.

If you are requesting any personally identifiable student data, including name, student ID, address, or date of birth, you must have parental consent.

Data requests including personally identifiable student data should include a final version of the active consent form, an example of which is available here, for approval. Active consent forms for the release of student data must explicitly:

  • inform the parent of the purpose of the research,
  • list the type(s) of data being released,
  • and provide the time period of data being requested (i.e. “data from the 2011-12 to 2013-14 school year”).

Completed consent forms lacking any of these elements will not be accepted and the data request will be denied. Once approved, data requesters will eventually need to submit electronic copies of all complete consent forms and a list of the students who have been consented.

External data requests are reviewed regularly for approval and prioritization. Approval of requests are based on the completeness of the data request, expected educational value or benefit provided to the NYC education community as a result of the study, the availability and regulations governing access to data, and the amount of staff time and other NYCDOE resources required to execute the request. Processing times will vary depending on the complexity of the request, the volume of prior requests, and competing priorities. Researchers who have received data from the NYCDOE must provide final reports of all research projects back to the NYCDOE.

The most recent data available is for the prior completed school year. External data requests are only approved for data available at the time of the request. Data for the most current school year will not be available until after the following fall. Therefore, external requesters must re-submit the Data Request form in IRB Manager after the new data is available. For instance, a requester would need to re-submit their request for data from the 2015-16 school year after the fall of 2016.

Requesting data requires the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which will be emailed to the requester after the approval of their submission.

If you have any questions about the data request process, please email RPSGResearch@schools.nyc.gov.

Registering a New IRB Manager Account

NOTE: If you already have an account and are unable to login, please do not create a new account. Instead, go to the IRBManager login page and click on ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your email address to receive a new password. If you are still unable to login, please send an email to support@IRBManager.com to receive help.

  1. Go to https://login.irbmanager.com
  2. Enter Username: newuser
  3. Enter Password: newuser
  4. Enter Client: NYCDOE
  5. Enter Type
    • If you are a principal investigator, choose investigator
    • If you are a coordinator who will be submitting for an investigator, choose coordinator. NOTE – The Principal Investigator will need to register him/herself using this same process before you submit the new Submission Form.
    • Please answer all pertinent questions.

Submitting a New Data Request Proposal to NYCDOE RPSG For Review

  1. When asked for a username, use the email address from your login process.
  2. Once you’ve logged into the homepage, click on your Settings in the upper right. Once in that section, enter your address and phone number information.
    NOTE – If this information is not completed, your submission will not be reviewed until it is finished.
  3. If you’d like to see what the full Submission Form looks like, including all questions, and potential values for dropdown type questions, click ‘Start xForm’ under actions in the upper left. Click on the printer icon next to the `Data Requests’ Submission Form. This will give you a view of the form that you can print.
  4. When you’re ready to start entering information, choose the blue link for the ‘Data Requests’ Submission Form.
  5. Enter your study information.
  6. Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, NYCDOE personnel will begin the review process.