Assessment Technology

Assessment Technology

The New York State School Technology Voucher Program (NYS-STVP) resulted from a Settlement Agreement between New York State consumers and Microsoft Corporation. The fund amount ($87 million), in the form of vouchers, was offered to eligible public schools, beginning in October 2013. Eligible NYCDOE schools received a total $51,625,550 of the funds.

Schools in which more than 50% of students were eligible for free and reduced lunch in the 2011-12 school year are eligible for the NYS-STVP. Funds are divided among qualifying schools based on total enrollment in the 2011-12 school year. Here is the list of eligible schools: Eligible Schools (PDF Version) and Eligible schools (Excel Version)

Schools had NYS-STVP funds put into their FY14 school budgets (see School Allocation Memo, Number 73) in October 2013. Schools make purchases of eligible General Voucher and Specific Voucher items in FAMIS. Funds not spent in FY14 are in schools’ FY15 budgets.

Schools must complete purchases in FAMIS by August 26, 2014. There will be no extensions after this date. When the item is received at your school, NYS-STVP purchases must be certified in FAMIS.

Here are some resources to help schools use the NYS-STVP funding:

Before making purchases using NYS-STVP funds, eligible schools should review the guidance about products that are eligible for purchase using the “general purpose voucher” or “specific category software voucher” (see pages 33–35 of the Microsoft Settlement Agreement). Note that for software to be eligible for reimbursement using the “specific category software voucher,” it must fall into one of the following categories:

  • operating system software
  • word processing software
  • spreadsheet software
  • presentation software
  • desktop relational database software oriented toward single users and typically residing on a standard personal computer
  • web-authoring software
  • productivity suite software
  • encyclopedia software
  • server software, including client access licenses 

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