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Parents: Log in to ARIS Parent Link or get more information.
DOE Employees: Log in to ARIS or look for supporting material.

What is ARIS Parent Link?

ARIS Parent Link is a secure online location where parents can find their child's daily attendance, as well as Periodic Assessments and NY State test results, including Regents exams. Parents of students in middle school and high school can also view report card grades, unofficial transcripts, and important information about high school graduation requirements. ARIS Parent Link can also help parents find activities they can do at home with their children to improve their achievement.

ARIS Parent Link video: Parents as Partners

ARIS Parent Link flier

Presentation to share ARIS Parent Link with NYC families

How can CBOs get involved?

After parents get their temporary passwords from their school, CBOs can:

  • provide computer and internet access
  • help parents obtain a free email account
  • help parents create an ARIS Parent Link permanent password 
  • help parents navigate ARIS Parent Link

Help parents to use computers

Free computer resources

How to get a free e-mail account

Help parents log in to ARIS Parent Link

Help English Language Learners

Resources for English Language Learners

Language Identification Guide 

"I Speak" card

Where can CBOs get more information?

Division of Family and Community Engagement
As a central resource for family engagement, the Division of Family and Community Engagement strives to involve and inform parent leaders and families as essential partners in helping students achieve college and career readiness.

Community Based Organizations page
This page offers helpful resources for CBOs interested in supporting NYC schools.