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Periodic Assessments

Periodic Assessment Options

The Office of Periodic Assessment provides schools with a variety of high-quality assessments and reporting tools to track student learning in order to help teachers adjust their instruction to better meet students' needs. NYCDOE offers assessment options for English language arts and math in all grades, as well as assessments in science and social studies. The portfolio also includes assessments for English Language Learners and for students who are alternately assessed.

Periodic assessments are formative in nature and range from baseline assessments used to understand students' starting points to end-of-year assessments that measure mastery of a set of key year-long standards. Other types of formative assessment include informal checks for understanding embedded in classroom practice and benchmark assessments that help teachers understand the progress students have made in order to thoughtfully plan units throughout the year. Schools can choose a combination of DOE-provided Periodic Assessments that meets their needs to complement instructional practice or they may design their own periodic assessment plan.  

Periodic Assessments help schools by:

Providing schools with up-to-date information about what each student knows and is able to do so teachers and schools can make thoughtful decisions about curriculum, instruction, and professional development;

Ensuring teaching and learning are aligned with the expectations of the Common Core Learning Standards; and

Measuring student learning within a grade and from grade-to-grade to help schools keep students on track for success in high school and beyond. 

To learn more about periodic assessments:

Families can contact their child’s teacher or their school's Parent Coordinator.

Educators can find much more information about these assessments on the Periodic Assessment page of the intranet.