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Periodic Assessments

Students take Periodic Assessments several times throughout the school year to give teachers more information about what students have learned. Teachers use these assessments—along with other school work and what they see in class—to learn where students need more help and plan targeted instruction. The New York City DOE does not use Periodic Assessment results to grade children or schools.

The DOE offers several assessment options for English and math in all grades; schools choose the combination of Periodic Assessments that meets their needs or design their own combination of assessments.

How do Periodic Assessments help schools?

  1. Periodic Assessments provide schools with  up-to-date information about what each student knows and can do so that teachers can target instruction to the learning needs of every child.
  2. Periodic Assessments predict students' performance on New York State Tests so that teachers can help every student meet or exceed State Learning Standards.
  3. Periodic Assessments measure student learning within a grade and from grade-to-grade to help schools keep students on track for success in high school and beyond.

How can families learn more about Periodic Assessments?

We encourage schools to share students’ Periodic Assessment results with families.

Families can contact their child’s teacher or the school’s Parent Coordinator  to learn more about the information available at their school.

Educators can find much more information about the assessments on the Periodic Assessment page of the intranet.