Children First Intensive

Children First Intensive (CFI) is a professional development program designed to support educators in using data to inform instructional and organizational decision-making.
The CFI team engages in the following activities:

  • Supporting the work of teacher teams engaged in collaborative inquiry, a process of deep self-study using quantitative and qualitative data to improve teacher practice and increase student achievement.
  • Sharing knowledge and supporting the application of the concepts behind the Children First Reforms, including the accountability tools and achievement resources:

                    Progress Report
                    Grades schools based on student performance, progress, and school 

                    NYC School Survey
                    Provides feedback on school's environment, safety, and school communication 

                    Quality Review
                    Measures how well a school is organized to support student achievement

                    Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS)
                    Houses student information, reports, and a library of instructional resources for 

                    ARIS Parent Link
                    Offers parents access to their child's student performance data. Click here to log 
                    into Parent Link. 

                    Yearly Testing 
                    Tests students every year to determine how well they are meeting the learning 

                    Periodic Assessments 
                    Provides timely feedback on student's strengths and weaknesses to help guide 

  • Working with Network teams within Clusters, Senior Achievement and Technology Integration Facilitators (SATIFs) and Technology Integration Coordinators (TICs), who provide professional development and support for collaborative inquiry within their network of schools, to help schools integrate the accountability tools into school planning.

Collaborative Inquiry

Collaborative inquiry is:

Parents and guardians
please reach out to your parent coordinator to learn more about inquiry work at your child's school. For more information about Children First Intensive, contact the Accountability Service Desk at

Educators can find information on the inquiry process and professional development opportunities offered by the Children First Intensive (CFI) team in the Collaborative Inquiry Connect Community